Programme: Energy Nordic’s referral programme.
Referrer: An existing client of Energy Nordic participating in the programme.
Recruit: The member being referred.
Unique link: A URL (web address) unique to each referrer.
User: Individuals or businesses who are accessing or using the programme either as a referrer or as a recruit referred to Energy Nordic’s services and the use of ‘user’ or ‘you’ is a reference to either or both depending on the context.
Reward: The reward amount offered by us under the programme. The reward will vary by campaign. The active reward for a referrer is shown on their personal referrals dashboard page.
Sign up date: The date the recruit signs up on the website using a referral link, and tells us they want to switch their energy supply to Energy Nordic.
Switch date: The date Energy Nordic starts to supply electricity, or other services, to the recruit.

Programme eligibility and delivery

The referrer and recruit will each receive a reward when the recruit successfully switches their energy supply to Energy Nordic, subject to these conditions.
You must be over 18 to be a referrer or a recruit. If you are referring on behalf of a business, Energy Nordic has the right to decide whether your business is eligible to participate in the programme.
The recruit agrees that their name, annual saving on energy bill may be shared with the referrer.
Referrers must be existing Energy Nordic clients. Recruits must not have already signed up to Energy Nordic or be an existing member, already on supply with Energy Nordic, or a member of Energy Nordic in the preceding 12 months, using any email address or alias.
The recruit must use the referrer’s unique link to switch energy supply to Energy Nordic on Energy Nordic is not responsible when links are quoted or shared incorrectly. Referrals claimed retrospectively, or for incorrect links, are not eligible and will not be rewarded.
A referrer or a recruit will not receive more than one reward per property.
If the recruit cancels their agreement with Energy Nordic before the switch date, their reward and the referrer’s reward will also be cancelled.
We will email the referrer once a recruit has signed up, on the sign up date, and again when the reward has been earned.
If the recruit or the referrer has an electricity credit meter, rewards will be delivered as credit in their account on the switch date. This is usually 21 days after the sign up date. If the user has an electricity prepayment meter, rewards will be delivered via a third party payment provider. This is usually shortly after the first successful electricity top up.
Referrers may offer additional rewards to recruits as long as it is clear that the additional reward is entirely the responsibility of the referrer and not the responsibility of Energy Nordic.
Referral rewards are not transferable, and they can’t be auctioned, traded, bartered or sold. If we stop the referral programme, rewards that have been added as credit to the user’s account are considered paid. If we cancel a client’s account for any reason, they will be refunded any rewards that have already been paid but will not receive any rewards that are still being processed.
This agreement applies to every reward advertised on Energy Nordic’s website . In addition, any specific or personalised rewards we’re running at the time you register for the programme will also apply.

Promotion of unique links

Unique links should not be used by professional landlords or businesses that do not have legitimate business interests (for example, a company that is set up just to benefit from the programme will not be allowed to take part).
You must make it clear when referring that it is a personal recommendation and that you do not represent Energy Nordic or any Energy Nordic employee when promoting your unique link.
No paid advertising of unique links is allowed across any search engines or social media platforms.
We have a no tolerance spam policy.
When you’re sharing a referral link, either online, by email or in print, you must only share it in a personal way that is appropriate with friends, colleagues, employees, customers and family members. For example, bulk distribution, distribution to strangers, posting unique links on online marketplaces such as Amazon or Ebay, or any other promotion of a unique link in a way that looks like “spam” is expressly prohibited.
If you submit an email address to Energy Nordic, and it’s not yours, you must have prior consent from the owner of the email address.
If you are promoting your referral link via email, you must comply with the law – including anti-spam laws. If you don’t comply with the law, and legal action is taken against you, you must compensate Energy Nordic for any costs and expenses we may have to pay as a result of this legal action.
Unique links may not be posted or shared on review platforms, including Trustpilot and Google reviews. This is to protect the integrity of reviews. You must not use Energy Nordic’s brand to promote unique links, though you may link to Energy Nordic’s website or social media accounts.
Unique links may not be posted or shared in reply to Energy Nordic’s platforms, or Energy Nordic profiles on other platforms. This includes but is not limited to the Energy Nordic Community, and Energy Nordic social media pages. This is to ensure that these platforms remain a place for their intended content and discussions.
Unique links may be shared on Energy Nordic platforms when a non-Energy Nordic client has asked for a unique link.

Further obligations

Users are responsible for any tax implications resulting from receiving a reward.

Energy Nordic programme discretion

Energy Nordic reserves the right to verify referrers and recruits, and ask for proof of eligibility.
We reserve the right to suspend you from the programme if we decide your referral methods are inappropriate.
We have no obligation to monitor the content shared by people who refer Energy Nordic. But we may check the content and block email messages, remove content or ban people from referring if we think the content they are sharing is inappropriate.
Energy Nordic may remove posts shared on our community, social media, or review platforms if they are in breach of these terms.
If we need to investigate a referral reward, there may be a delay in paying it. We may also refuse to pay a referral reward if we believe it is fraudulent, suspicious, in violation of this agreement or if we think it might cause legal action to be taken against us, our subsidiaries, affiliates or any of their respective officers, directors, employees, representatives and agents.
Our decision about whether or not a user is entitled to a reward is final and binding.

Suspension of the referral programme

Energy Nordic may suspend your rewards account at any time if you are in breach of this agreement.
If we suspend your rewards account for any reason, we may refuse to pay rewards for any referrals during the suspension.
Energy Nordic may suspend the programme at any time for any reason.